What is the Pittsboro Pub Crawl?

The Pittsboro Pub Crawl is coming in 2021. People participating in the pub crawl will have a checklist of bars to visit and will receive a Pittsboro Pub Crawl T-Shirt once all have been visited. The pub crawl will consist of bars, cocktail lounges, breweries & tap rooms close to the courthouse. Some of the […]

Greg Stafford Discusses Pittsboro’s SoCo “South of the Courthouse”

Pittsboro’s “SoCo” is a development which is taking place in 2021 at the southwest corner of the courthouse in Pittsboro. The name came from Tommy Edwards in Pittsboro. The anchor tenant will be in the old Justice Motors building, which was most recently Pittsboro Roadhouse. The Second Boom building will be torn down to produce […]

Can a Homeowner Leave Security Cameras on During Showing in North Carolina?

Real Estate Broker Eric Andrews discusses privacy issues related to a homeowner leaving their cameras on during a home showing. There are many ways to handle this and Eric discusses the pros and cons of each. Should Cameras be Used by the Seller? Eric reminds everyone that he’s not an attorney, so he’s not an […]

Buying a Home with Missing Building Permits in Chatham County

Chatham County Real Estate Broker Eric Andrews discusses building permits for remodeling, decks, and finishing basements and attics. Real estate agents from other counties like Wake and Orange are often shocked when they find out no building permit exists for these additions. Why Bother? Eric explains that many people don’t feel like they need to […]

Californians Are Moving To Pittsboro North Carolina

Pittsboro Real Eric Andrews has seen many people moving from Los Angeles and San Francisco as well as other parts of California to North Carolina including Chatham County. Eric says he takes calls all the time from people moving from Raliegh, Charlotte, Cary, Durham and Chapel Hill wanting to come to the Pittsboro area only […]

Your Guide to Halloween 2019 in Pittsboro NC

Here it is folks, the 2019 guide to Halloween in Pittsboro, North Carolina. May you and your family have a spooky, safe and fun Halloween. There are lots of events here the whole family can enjoy. If we missed any feel free to comment at the bottom of this article. Spooky fun fact: Did you […]

Are there Dangerous or Rabid Animals in Chatham County NC?

We have very few dangerous animals in our area. The most dangerous animals in Chatham County are actually spiders and reptiles. Those are Black Widow Spiders, Brown Recluse Spiders, Copperhead Snakes and Cottonmouth snakes. The snakes are rare and most often bite dogs. In Chatham County, fox, skunks, groundhogs and beavers are the most common […]

Are there Mountain Lions or Cougars in Chatham County North Carolina?

Mountain lions, also known as pumas, cougars, or panthers, have been declared extinct in North Carolina by government officials. There have been several reported sightings of mountain lions in Chatham County, however, there is no evidence, pictures or tracks of these available. May of the reported sightings have been in the southwestern area of Chatham […]

“Stranger Things” References Chatham County and North Carolina

Did you know that Stranger things is produced by Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer who were born and raised in Durham, North Carolina? That explains all the references to the Bull City and Pittsboro. In the show, the setting is Hawkins, Indiana. However, a few of the references to Durham NC and Chatham County include […]

Will Fiber Internet Increase Home Values in Silk Hope and Chatham County?

As recently mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, the Fiber To The Home Council Americas funded a study that showed homes with fiber increase in value by approximately 3.1%. The study was conducted by the University of Colorado and Carnegie Mellon and showed an increase of $5,437 on a $175,000 home. Homes being built in […]