Which Real Estate Agent Shows Land For Sale? Listing or Seller

North Carolina Land Broker Eric Andrews discusses a common misconception that some buyer’s agents have about agents selling land. The agent which listed land for sale is probably not going to show a buyer the property unless they are acting as the buyer’s agent as well. This would never occur with residential housing but is […]

Costs for Clearing Land in North Carolina

If you’ve bought land in a rural area, chances are you’ll need land clearing services.  You may want to build a house, cultivate a farm, or create a grazing area on your property. Let’s go through the common reasons that land clearing is needed, how to go about it and the costs involved. Interviewer: What […]

Inheriting Land and Dealing with Multiple Heirs

If you and other family members find yourselves the beneficiaries of inherited land, there are a few things you should know. In this video, Real Estate Expert Eric Andrews reviews some of the issues people encounter when they inherit and/or sell inherited land. Eric has assisted dozens of people in situations where land has been […]

Selling Land in the Information Age. Are Brokers Still Relevant?

These days, there is very little information that can’t be found online.  All the world is available at your fingertips. Does that mean obsolescence looms for brokers and agents? Listen in as Eric discusses why they’re still relevant. Interviewer:           What is the race of revelation? Eric:           Okay. So again, I was at this National Land […]

North Carolina Land Sales, Estate Law, and Will Problems

It happens more often than you think. A relative dies leaving their estate behind to the remaining family members. If there’s no will that clearly outlines how the estate should be divided, it’s up to the beneficiaries to amicably come up with a solution. If you find yourself in this situation, have a listen to […]

4 Reasons People Sell Land in NC & the 4 Ds of Real Estate

Chatham County Land Sales Expert Eric Andrews (https://www.ericandrewsrealtor.com/) discusses the top 4 reasons people sell land in North Carolina. Those reasons are: – Debt – Divorce – Disaster – Death Interviewer:           What are four D’s of real estate? Eric:           Four D’s of real estate? Well, these are, this is, it’s a really crass little thing […]

Can You Buy Land in North Carolina with No Cash?

When buying land your options are usually: Cash – Farm Credit financing (for building a house on the land) Owner financing (You usually need 20 – 25% down) Save money Build equity Interviewer: What can you do if you don’t have any cash to buy land? Eric: Land is not a product that banks like […]

What is Site Plan Approval? Selling Land in North Carolina

Site Plan Approval is basically when a buyer makes sure land they are purchasing complies with local regulations and that they will be able to use it for their intended purchase, such as a subdivision or a commercial building. Eric works with several land sales in Chatham, Wake, Durham and Orange County. Interviewer: What is […]

Will a Listing Agent Walk Land with Potential Buyers

North Carolina Land Sales Expert Eric Andrews explains that most listing agents are not going to go walk land with you and what your buyer’s agent should know. Speaker 1:           What can a buyer’s agent do to look smarter with their clients than the listing agents? Eric:                        Not everybody’s familiar with land and most real estate […]

Why Large Tracts of Land Do Not Have Perc Permits

North Carolina Land Sales Expert Eric Andrews explains why large tracts of land for sale almost never have a perc site. Speaker 1:           How come, there’s never a perk test on a large tract of land Speaker 2:           Sometimes there are, it’s not a never, but it’s rare. Sometimes there’s soils evaluations, which are important. So […]