What is the Realtors Land Institute of the Carolinas?

Realtors Land Institute of the Carolinas is a Chapter of the Realtors Land Institute (RLI), which is the leading land real estate organization that provides land agents and landowners resources needed to be successful. Realtors Land Institute of the Carolinas offers real estate agents who specialize in land and other land professionals classes, networking opportunities, […]

Selling Homes with Land in Pittsboro During COVID-19

Real Estate Broker Eric Andrews discusses selling a home with land in the Pittsboro area during 2020 and the Coronavirus epidemic. Houses in the $150,000 to $350,000 are actually in high demand, and Eric explains why that is—for now. Right now, Eric says, everybody wants some land with a couple of acres. An acre is […]

Cemetery Easements and Selling Land in North Carolina

In the State of North Carolina, a property with a cemetery or graveyard on it should have a permanent easement for relatives of the deceased to visit the gravesite. In the video above, Land Expert Eric Andrews discusses a recent land sale. In this case, Eric represented the seller. There was a gravesite mentioned on […]

Selecting a Chatham County Real Estate Lawyer

An attorney who focuses on real estate closings is preferred to close on a house in Chatham County, especially if a mortgage is involved. In many cases, your real estate agent or their staff will be recommending a real estate attorney for you. Important points: In Pittsboro, in 2019, the average real estate lawyer charges […]

What Does it Cost to Clear Land in NC?

Clearing wooded land in North Carolina usually involves removing trees, costly stump removal, raking, grading and seeding the land and more. In general, clearing land costs $3,000 – $5,000 per acre. Reasons for clearing land: There are many reasons people clear land in Chatham County and other parts of North Carolina. The most common reasons […]

Can My Land Be Designated a Flood Zone in North Carolina?

No, not one day magically. But there are incidences where floodplain maps, FEMA maps, change. I had a client ask me this question just within the last week, believe it or not. 100-year floodplains, I mean, it’s not often that Uncle Sam’s redoing that. It’s very, very labor-intensive. They’re doing topographical studies, hydraulic flow studies, […]

Does All Land for Sale in NC Show Up on Zillow or MLS?

No. Many parcels of land for sale in North Carolina are not listed with the MLS or Zillow. Farm Land, Vacant Land and Residential: Land does not have to be FSBO (For Sale By Owner) to not make it onto the Multi Listing Services (MLS). Some sellers choose not to list it there or their […]

Flipping Land in Pittsboro NC?

Pittsboro land sales expert Eric Andrews explains that in 2017 and 2018 people are indeed flipping land in Pittsboro and Chatham County by developing the land. Eric has built 5 subdivisions where he was either the 100% owner or a consultant or partner. A big deciding factor when purchasing land is the sewage, if city […]

Why are there so many Slivers of Land in Chatham County North Carolina?

While not the most useful shape of land, many properties in Chatham County and elsewhere in North Carolina are rectangular or in the shape of slivers because when they were divided up they needed road frontage. This is why there are so many 5, 10, 15 acre tracts with 150 – 200 feet of land. […]