Removing Snapping Turtles From Your Pond in North Carolina

Eric is often asked how to remove snapping turtles or catch them and relocate than and if they’re dangerous. Most Snapping Turtles are totally harmless and if you have a pond, you’re probably going to have Snapping Turtles. Interviewer: What do you do about snapping turtles in your pond? Eric: What do you do? Okay. […]

What is a “Road Maintenance Agreement” in North Carolina?

North Carolina Accredited Land Consultant Eric Andrews discusses Road Maintenance Agreements (RMAs). There are several different different types of issues which may arise involving an RMA. Lenders may require an RMA. An RMA may be operated by individual homeowners or an HOA. If you live on a private road, you will likely eventually deal with […]

Do Real Estate Agents Have to Disclose Suicides or Murders in North Carolina

Pittsboro Real Estate Agent Eric Andrews explains that in North Carolina, sellers and real estate agents do not have to tell you if there was a suicide or murder in a home for sale. However, if you ask, they should indeed tell you. Events like suicides do not always impact a home’s price. Of course, […]

Days On Market for Large Acreage Home Sales in North Carolina

Land Sales Expert Eric Andrews discusses how long it takes to sell land or homes with land in North Carolina in 2021. Currently, homes with a few acres are in extremely high demand and may sell in hours. Due to financing issues, homes with over 15 or 20 acres take longer to sell. Raw land […]

Remove Pictures, But Do Not Remove Nails or Fill Holes in Wall When Selling Your House

In this video Eric Andrews discusses removing pictures when selling your home – just leave the nails in place!!! Speaker 1:           What do you do about pictures on the wall when you’re selling your house? Speaker 2:           So when you’re listing the house a lot … having too many pictures might make the house look […]

Restrictive / Protective Covenants and Deed Restrictions in North Carolina

Accredited Land Consultant & Real Estate Broker Eric Andrews discusses Restrictive Covenants, Protective Covenants, and deed restrictions. Speaker 1:           What’s the difference between restrictive covenants and the other? Speaker 2:           Protective covenant? Restrictive versus protective covenants. Perspective, there’s nothing really different about them. They’re both, it’s marketing, it’s the language. They’re both deed restrictions. So […]

How Long To Close After an Offer to Purchase Has Been Made in North Carolina

Real Estate Broker Eric Andrews explains that the average time to close on a house after making an offer to purchase is usually 45 – 60 days in North Carolina. He also shares an interesting story about a property which closed in 2 hours! Wow. Speaker 1:           Once the offer to purchase is made, how […]

Subdivision coming soon to Goldston, North Carolina

The small town of Goldston in chatham County is set to see some major growth. With several new subdivisions submitted for approval, the town could see a doubling in its population! Join Eric as he talks about the current and future states of Goldston. Speaker 1:           What’s happening in Goldston, North Carolina? Speaker 2:           Goldston’s […]

Eric Andrews Receives a Mountaire Stress Relief Chicken

If you follow the YouTube channel you’ll know why Eric Andrews has this chicken. If you do not follow, please subscribe now! Speaker 1:           Where did you get that chicken? Eric:                        Well, we had a rather popular video about a week or so ago, and this is someone that works in Siler City that apparently […]

What Should Your Real Estate Agent Know About Taxes

While Real Estate Agents are not CPAs, they should be familiar with the tax implications when selling real estate. In this video, Eric discusses some tax scenarios around selling. Speaker 1:           What should your realtor know about the tax code? Speaker 2:           They should know something. I’m not a CPA, but I’m familiar with a […]