Will There Be an HOA in Chatham Park Neighborhoods

Pittsboro NC Real Estate Broker Eric Andrews talks about future Chatham Park neighborhoods and if they’ll have an HOA or not. Very interesting information to know if you’re considering purchasing a house in Chatham Park. Speaker 1:           Will Chatham Park have an HOA? Speaker 2:           So I’m actually on the realtor advisory council for Chatham […]

What is Being Built on Thompson Street Chatham Park Residential Units

Pittsboro Real Estate Agent Eric Andrews explains that on Thompson Street in Pittsboro, construction is underway. Trees are being bulldozed and houses will soon be going up. Construction should be done in late 2019 for the first residential homes. Speaker 1:                           What is being built on Thompson Street? Eric Andrews:                    Well, that’s another extension of […]

Do I Need a Real Estate Agent When Buying a House in Chatham Park

Chatham Buyer’s Agent Eric Andrews explains why buyers choose to use a Real Estate Agent to advocate for them when buying a new home. Speaker 1:           Should people hire a real estate agent when buying a new house in Chatham Park? Speaker 2:           Well, I think it is a good thing for people to have […]

Town Hall Burger is Coming to Pittsboro (Chatham Park)

Town Hall Burger is coming to the Mosaic shopping center in Chatham Park. Many of the retail outlets of Mosaic are scheduled to open in October 2020. Speaker 1:           Is Chatham Park’s MOSAIC getting a Town Hall Burger? Speaker 3:           I’m not going to announce what restaurants are coming to any areas. Yes, they are. […]

When Will Chatham Park’s Mosaic Shopping Center Be Complete

Many people buying houses in Pittsboro are asking when Chatham Park’s Mosaic Shopping Center will be complete. Eric Andrews voices his thoughts in this video. Speaker 1:                           When is Chatham Park’s MOSAIC going to be done? Eric Andrews:                    Right, when? When is it? Okay. There are a lot of good people working at Chatham Park […]

What Is Being Built on Business 64 in Pittsboro Near Chatham Park?

Over the next several years we are going to see a lot of construction along Highway 64 and 64 Business here in town. If you’ve left the courthouse and you’re headed towards Cary, you’ll see construction taking place on the left side of biz 64. There is a bridge being constructed by the Christian Village […]

647 Acres of Investment Land Purchased by Chatham Park Partner

Since the news of Chatham Park hit people have been buying up land in Chatham County. Now, one of the partners, has just purchased a huge 647 acre tract of land known as the “Retreat at Haw River”. The partner is real estate investor Tim Smith. His LLC purchasing the land is called Flying Crown […]

Chatham Parkway Bridge Construction in Pittsboro NC

chatham parkway bridge

People commuting along highway 64 passing through Pittsboro NC will see construction of the Chatham Park bridge. This bridge will be for automobiles, pedestrians, and bicycles. It will be one of the main entrances to North Village in Pittsboro. We will update this post as progress on the bridge continues moving forward. Update: 2016 The […]

Will Homes in Chatham Park have Gigabit Internet?

Update April 2018: CenturyLink has announced that they will deploy Gigabit Fiber to Chatham Park, bringing Gigabit Internet speeds to Pittsboro NC. You can read the official announcement here. Original post from 2/1/2015: Rumors have been circulating that home builders will have many requirements when constructing the new 22,00 homes that will make up Chatham […]

Chatham Park Ribbon Cutting

The new Chatham Park beside us in downtown Pittsboro had a ribbon cutting and open house yesterday, October 15, 2014. They also released a new video (below). All of this and more is located on our Chatham Park News and Information page. This video explains Preston Development’s philosophy and goes on to explain the progress […]