When Will Chatham Park’s Mosaic Shopping Center Be Complete

Many people buying houses in Pittsboro are asking when Chatham Park’s Mosaic Shopping Center will be complete. Eric Andrews voices his thoughts in this video.

Speaker 1:                           When is Chatham Park’s MOSAIC going to be done?

Eric Andrews:                    Right, when? When is it? Okay. There are a lot of good people working at Chatham Park and they have release dates and everything really. There’s been a lot of hype about MOSAIC, but it just got the official approval last month. You can go online, there’s an amazing computer animation, bird’s eye fly through what MOSAIC is going to be, and I posted that on Facebook last week. They’re breaking ground, allegedly, this year in the fall. And they’re supposed to have some of the stores open next year. One of the things that is so difficult, it is one of the most common questions I get asked all the time. Because I have such a great SEO guy, people ask to buy homes in Chatham Park all the time, and people are asking me when can they rent commercial space in Chatham Park all the time or MOSAIC all the time.

But the problem is that there are little hiccups along the way that are no fault of Chatham Park. In order to meet our sewer capacity, we just finalized a deal with Sanford. And so Sanford to Pittsburgh was a long pipe that needs to be implemented. Not that that’s directly involved with MOSAIC or whatever, but other things, weather can be a delay. There might be a change of plans. As MOSAIC is coming in, a big boss could say, “Hey, we decided to take down all these things, but now you can’t have these things.”

It gets a little frustrating when people ask me and I say the dates and, like I said, the people at Chatham Park are really good and they release the dates all the time, but delays happen and people just need to be understanding of that. I think that as far as MOSAIC is concerned, when is your buttocks going to be in a seat, eating popcorn, watching a movie? I think, reasonable, that’s going to be 2020. I don’t think it’s reasonable to think that’s going to happen in 2019, but if it does, great, I’ll be a happy boy.