Corporate NC Land Purchases – TIC, LLC, REIT

If you are involved in a group or corporation that is looking to purchase land in North Carolina please feel free to contact me today. I have experience working with all types of investment groups, from local professionals to investment groups all over the planet. I am one of the most accredited land salespeople in the State of North Carolina. I am a real estate investor myself.

Types of Real Estate Groups

LLCs and TICs are the most popular types of investment groups. REITs exist as well but are not nearly as common as LLCs and TICs. The buying power of several people helps people buy land for investment purposes or even hunting land.

  • LLC Limited Liability Companies are structured corporations. In this type of organization, members aren’t held personally liable for company debts or liabilities. There are many advantages and disadvantages to LLCs.
  • TIC Tenants in Common (TIC) are owners who all own a separate interest in the same real property. For example, if 5 people put in $20k on a $100k piece of hunting property, they would all have equal rights for possession and use of the land. Individuals may hold unequal shares of a property as well.
  • REIT A Real Estate Investment Trust is a corporation that exists to buy and sell land for the benefit of the shareholders. Often used with commercial real estate, REITs also sometimes acquire large acreage tracts of land. REITs can be non traded or publicly traded corporations, and their assets could be specific or diverse.

North Carolina Land Sales to LLCs and TICs

Eric Andrews has sold multiple properties to LLCs and TICs. Traditional bank lending is simply not available for large acreage tracts, but if people pool their resources and get a lot more land for their money, get better negotiating power, and just get a better bang for their buck.

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If you are searching for someone who has experience working with multiple people involved in a corporation, please feel free to contact me today, or visit my home page which has my credentials: North Carolina Land Sales.