North Carolina Land Sales to Foreign Nationalists and Entities

If you are outside of the United States and looking to purchase land in North Carolina please feel free to contact me today. I have references from India, Pakistan, China, and all over the world. I am one of the most accredited land salespeople in the State of North Carolina.

North Carolina Land Sales to Foreign Nationalists and Entities

Land investments in North Carolina are not just done by people in North Carolina, or even just by people in the United States. Land in the United States is seen as a very safe investment by investors all over the world, especially land in North Carolina.

Buying land in the USA

Buyers outside of the United States have almost no restrictions. Sales of real estate to people outside is almost the same as sales of real estate to American citizens.


There are many things foreign nationals should take into consideration, and taxes is just one of them. Taxes can be complicated in land sales, especially if the tax laws of more than one country apply.

Buyers paying for more up front on their property may avoid income taxes on rental income as well.

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When buying land in North Carolina from another country, it is important to consult with an expert who is experienced, works with foreign investors, understands the cultural differences and negotiation practices and can provide references.

Please feel free to see any of the pages below for specific country related information, or my home page which has my credentials: North Carolina Land Sales.

Countries assisted:

I assist people in ALL countries. Here are country specific pages I have in place: