Pakistani Buyers – North Carolina Land Sales

If you are in Pakistan and looking to purchase land in North Carolina please feel free to contact me today. I have references from Pakistan. I am one of the most accredited land salespeople in the State of North Carolina. I too, am a real estate investor.

North Carolina Land Sales to People in Pakistan

Eric Andrews has sold multiple properties to Pakistani buyers, including convenience stores and other commercial properties.

Land in the United States is seen as a very safe investment by investors all over the world, especially land in North Carolina. Pakistani buyers feel this way as the US is fairly safe from invasion and that the economy is sound.

Cultural differences and negotiations

Eric has helped people break through many barriers and can help his buyers in many ways. In  some cases, buyers from Pakistan work with relatives or investors to get ownership in their properties. Sometimes this is done as interest is frowned upon by many people in Pakistan. With any land transaction there are hurdles to overcome. Eric can assist you with these if you are in his office, or overseas.

Contact Eric Andrews

When buying land in North Carolina from another country, it is important to consult with an expert who is experienced with Pakistani investors, understands the cultural differences and negotiation practices and can provide references.

Please feel free to see any of the pages below for specific country related information, or my home page which has my credentials: North Carolina Land Sales.