Expert Witness and Accredited Land Consultant North Carolina

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On several occasions I’ve been able to use my knowledge and experience by being an expert witness in federal court. Bear in mind that federal court is much more intimidating, by comparison to state or county proceedings. The stakes are much higher, the laws are more complex, and the information needed is much more in depth.

I’m one of approximately 350 accredited land consultants within the entire country, which makes it one of the most difficult certifications to get in the real estate industry. This designation grants me the authority to provide insight and information on real estate matters to the court, in order for judgments to be made on cases involving land and real estate. The information I’m able to provide to the judge and jury is usually far outside the realm of common knowledge, and often things only a seasoned professional would be able to contribute.

Typically only lasting several days, some court proceedings only need reports, or written documentation. In at least one trial, although I was present for 3 days, and my written professional opinions cited, I was never once called up to testify. Even so, these experiences are mutually beneficial for both the court, and myself. Trials such as those are excellent opportunities for me to learn from other professionals in my field that have also been called to contribute to the case. By sharing knowledge and experiences with other accredited land consultants, I’m able to better my own skills and provide better services to my customers.


In this video North Carolina land sales expert Eric Andrews explains his role as an expert witness and what he has learned in a court of law which helps him better serve his clients. He discusses real estate and land valuation and property transactions during times of divorce. Also discussed is petition for partition and his time in a federal bankruptcy court.