What is Being Built on Thompson Street Chatham Park Residential Units

Pittsboro Real Estate Agent Eric Andrews explains that on Thompson Street in Pittsboro, construction is underway. Trees are being bulldozed and houses will soon be going up. Construction should be done in late 2019 for the first residential homes.

Speaker 1:                           What is being built on Thompson Street?

Eric Andrews:                    Well, that’s another extension of Chatham Park. Those are Chatham Park boys and people. Along with Mosaic, they had 300 units approved last month. So they’re going to do a pocket neighborhood there. They’re going to do some regular size homes there and the new-

Speaker 1:                           It’s called The Vineyard or something like that?

Eric Andrews:                    Mm-hmm. The new Montessori schools going in.

Speaker 1:                           Oh.

Eric Andrews:                    So certainly the first commercial development of Chatham Park is in that Bojangles angles area across the street from Northwood. And we have some UNC office space there. We have the hospice there. We have The Root Cellar and the brewery and Bojangles. So that’s the commercial side of it. Where they’re really going to be focusing, the residential side of it, will be off of Thompson Street, which is a small street that goes from Elizabeth to the old Ford dealership and kind of runs parallel to Business 64. And approximately three quarters, two thirds of the way down is where Chatham Park is going to be right there on Thompson Street. So that’s the first residential phase. And again, dates can change or whatever, but they’re looking at selling the first homes, I believe, in the fall of 2019.