Is Eric Andrews THE Land Guy?

Eric Andrews is sometimes referred to as the Land Guy. This could be due to his land sales around North Carolina or his Twitter handle. Follow Eric on Twitter here @LandGuy: Interviewer:                          Are you known as The Land Guy? Eric Andrews:                    The Land Guy with a T-H-E. Interviewer:                          Or just Land Guy? Eric Andrews:                    […]

How To Win Offer on a Multiple Offer Raw Land Listing?

In a competitive, multiple offer situation, being able to close quickly is a huge positive which will usually help you win with your offer. Five things which help land close quickly: Paying in Cash – Skipping a new Survey (sometimes) Significant Due Diligence Money Buying “as is” with no rezoning or site plan approval Know […]

3 Access Types for Land in North Carolina

 This is important information for anyone who thinks they may have landlocked property. 1. Public Road Frontage. This is usually the best type of access to have, as long as the access is DOT approved. 2. Flag Lot. This is very common in our area after larger tracts get broken up. 3. Easement. These are […]

Will inflation impact real estate sales in Chatham County?

Chatham County Real Estate Broker Eric Andrews thinks inflation could have some impact on home sales in Chatham County in 2022 but points out that 36% of his sales last year went to cash buyers, and interest rates do not impact them. Transcript: Well, what type it will have, I don’t know. I can tell […]

Will Rising Interest Rates Affect Real Estate in North Carolina?

Across North Carolina, the median home value has steadily risen year over year and the market is red-hot, with not enough supply to meet buyer demand. But with rising interest rates looming, can buyers expect the market to slow down? Join Eric as he discusses the potential effects of rising interest rates. Speaker 1:           What […]

How To Get a Property Title For Land in North Carolina, Complications – A YouTube Request

Email Eric Andrews with your questions. We will be happy to answer any YouTube requests you have. In this YouTube video, Eric explains several types of deeds, including Commissioners Deeds, Special Warranty Deeds, General Warranty Deeds, and Quick Claim deeds. Speaker 1:           Okay. We have a request from YouTube. Speaker 2:           A request from YouTube, […]

Deeded Access and Landlocked Land in Chatham County & North Carolina

Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) Eric Andrews discusses landlocked land in Chatham County and North Carolina. There are several videos on this topic on this channel. This video is about deeded access, what it is, and how to obtain it. Speaker 1:           Can you sell landlocked land and what is it worth? Speaker 2:           You can […]

Will Apple Be Coming to Raleigh-Durham Increase Home Prices in the Triangle?

Pittsboro Real Estate Broker Eric Andrews discusses Apple coming to North Carolina and how it could impact land and home values in Chatham, Wake and Orange County. Interviewer:                       Apple is coming to the triangle. Speaker 2:                           I’ve heard. Interviewer:                       Is it going to increase home values or land prices or property values? Speaker 2:                           Yeah. […]

15 Fun Things to do in Chatham County NC

Real Estate Agent Eric Andrews goes over some of his favorite things to see in Chatham County. They include: – Jordan Lake – Southern Supreme Fruitcake Factory – Carolina Tiger Rescue – Fair Game Beverage Company – Moonlight Mead – Celebrity Dairy in Silk Hope – M&M Alpaca Farm – Devil’s Tramping Ground – Rocky […]

Chatham County Real Estate Attorneys – Selecting a Good One

Chatham County North Carolina Real Estate Agent Eric Andrews discusses real estate attorneys and what has changed over the years in our area. This video is also good for anyone anywhere who is seeking unbiased information on attorney selection. Speaker 1:           What do you look for in a good real estate attorney? Speaker 2:           Well, […]