Can You Be Buried on Your Land in North Carolina

Accredited Land Consultant Eric Andrews discusses being buried on your land in Chatham County and in North Carolina. Yes, you can usually be buried on your land in the State of North Carolina. But, should you? Graves require an easement which is an encumbrance on the property. Speaker 1:           Can you be buried on your […]

Franchise Real Estate Agents VS Independent Real Estate Agents

Pittsboro Real Estate Broker Eric Andrews discusses the pros and cons of using a “franchise” agent vs an “independent” agent. The biggest advantage a franchise agent has is access to technology and brand name recognition. The technology helps with marketing homes, speeds up transactions and helps us help buyers faster and better. Interviewer:           Why is […]

North Carolina Sellers: Beware of Too Much Due Diligence Money in Real Estate Transactions

NC Real Estate Broker Eric Andrews explains that sellers should keep in mind with big due diligence checks come big expectations. Interviewer:           Can you have too much due diligence money as a seller? Eric:           That’s an interesting question. So right now the real estate market is crazy. And just to briefly explain it, due diligence […]

Can You Sell Residential Property as Commercial Land in Raleigh NC?

A property which will be used as commercial in the future does not necessarily need to be rezoned by a seller prior to sale. When a seller’s property has commercial potential, we list it on the commercial websites and market it to commercial buyers as transitional property. When a buyer comes along, they apply for […]

Is the Zillow Zestimate Accurate in Rural Areas?

Pittsboro NC Real Estate Agent Eric Andrews discusses the Zillow Zestimate. The Zillow Zestimate calculates the estimated price of a house based on nearby sales. While this works OK in subdivisions and populated areas with many recent comparable sales, it does not work great in rural areas. In North Carolina, people may stay in rural […]

How the Internet is Changing Real Estate Sales

The internet has become an excellent way for real estate agents to market their properties. Many websites allow buyers and sellers to see each other’s homes and schedule viewings. This has become an excellent way for people to get a feel for the homes before making an offer. It is also a good way for […]

What Is Title Insurance and Why You Need It

North Carolina Real Estate Broker Eric Andrews explains what title insurance is, how it works, how lawyers provide it and why a local attorney may be best suited for it. Speaker 1:           What is title insurance and what does it cover? Speaker 2:           Title coverage is coverage for your title, which means ownership. And there […]

What is “Memo To Buyer” in NC Real Estate?

In North Carolina, a Memo To Buyer utilizes NC Realtors Form 340-T. This form rejects a buyer’s offer and informs the buyer of what a seller is would find favorable in receiving an offer. This may include terms, price, or closing dates. Speaker 1:           What is a Memo to Buyer? Speaker 2:           So a Memo […]

What is a Letter Of Intent in North Carolina Real Estate?

In this video, Real Estate Broker Eric Andrews explains what a Letter Of Intent is and how an LOI applies to real estate in NC. Speaker 1:           What is a letter of intent? Speaker 2:           Letter of intent. So some people refer to them as acronym LOI letter of intent, letter of intent means it […]

5 Qualities of a Buyer’s Agent for Land Purchases in North Carolina

Chatham County Land Expert Eric Andrews goes over the top 5 qualities a good buyer’s agent should have when it comes to purchasing land, especially if you plan on building a house on it. Sometimes we speak to real estate agents in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill who are a bit… confused… Speaker 1:           Well, […]