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Chatham County Appraisal Department Photographing Homes in Pittsboro, Siler City

Throughout August 2019 several clients have asked us why a vehicle has pulled into their driveway and photographed their home. The Chatham County NC Tax Appraisal Department is doing this in preparation for 2021’s revaluation. It’s no secret that homes in the area have gone up in […]

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Getting a Private Road NC DOT Approved as a Public Road

We hear from people in subdivisions all the time who wish to convert their private road into a NC DOT approved public road. Most of the time, these private roads are currently maintained by an HOA or a Road Maintenance agreement. Several qualifications must be met for […]

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2019 Commercial Property Price Per Square foot in Chatham County NC

As of 2019, here are the ballpark prices per sqaure foot for renting commercial property in the various parts of Chatham County NC: Downtown Siler City $5 – $6/sf Siler City Shopping Centers $10 – $15/sf Pittsboro is averaging $17.50/sf Chatham Park area $28/sf For comparison, renting […]

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Residential Seller’s Breach Explained by North Carolina Real Estate Agent Eric Andrews

A Seller’s Breach occurs when a seller is under contract with a buyer but the seller does not have the ability to sell the property or the seller has made a significant omission regarding the sale of the property. When a seller is in breach, they are […]

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How To Purchase Commercial Property in Pittsboro NC

There are only a handful of commercial properties in downtown Pittsboro. Eric Andrews owns 5 of the buildings himself, and all 5 never made it to market. Usually, you need to know someone. If you are active in the real estate community or work in downtown Pittsboro, […]

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Homes with Large Acreage Tracts Selling Fast in Silk Hope NC in 2019

Silk Hope has ground that will pass a peculation test, hardwood trees, great schools and beautiful views. People moving to Chatham County who are seeking 5 – 10 acres of land and want to be 15 minutes from downtown Pittsboro are moving to Silk Hope, and people […]

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Home Appraisal Problems in Chatham County – What Can You Do?

We do have some appraisal issues right now, every now and then. So, one of the things we need to know about appraisals is that today is the current market, but appraisers are looking at closed comparables that were, at a minimum, yesterday’s market. And we are […]

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10 Myths About Real Estate Agents Which Should Be Dispelled

There are a lot of myths that should be dispelled about real estate agents. Myth – An Agent Will Find Your Property First and foremost, is that a good agent is going to be the one to find your ideal property. That’s how real estate was done, […]

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Buying a Home near Jordan Lake in 2018

If you need a buyer’s agent to buy a home near Jordan Lake in 2018, contact Eric Andrews today. In the video below, Eric explains the status of home sales in this area of Chatham County. Recap: Cary, Apex and Durham are closing in on Chatham County. […]

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Why Did my Bank Recommend Eric Andrews to purchase an FSBO Property?

This video was recorded minutes after Eric Andrews closed on a property. The property was listed as an FSBO property. When they buyer went to the bank to obtain financing, the bank strongly recommended that the buyer obtain a Pittsboro real estate agent. The buyer asked who […]

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