Can You Buy a House on Jordan Lake NC?

Jordan Lake is surrounded by land owned and operated by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. You can not build a house on the lake. There are a few houses with a lake view thanks to their elevation. Interviewer:           Can you live on Jordan Lake? Eric:           Like on the water? Interviewer:           Like on a […]

Determining Must Haves When Buying a House in a Crazy Hot Real Estate Market

Pittsboro Real Estate Broker Jodi Tata discusses coming up with your “must haves” to help you determine which houses to bid on during a crazy hot real estate market like we’re experiencing right now in 2021. Jodi Tata:            Oh my God. So, the real estate market is going crazy. People are going crazy. So how […]

Are houses cheaper in Chatham County or Wake County in 2022?

In 2022, houses are costing more in Chatham County than in Wake County, but it is because we have a lot of large acreage tracts and new construction. Wake County’s pricing averages are also lower because of townhome sales. Transcript: That is an interesting stat. First of all, Wake County has had phenomenal appreciation. It […]

Adverse Possession, Squatter’s Rights and Land Issues in North Carolina

Squatter’s Rights do not really exist in North Carolina. You can not take possession of a property by camping out on it for a few years. In North Carolina we have “Adverse Possession”. This generally applies when a building has been slightly over a border for at least 20 years and both parties knew about […]

Experience Selling Complicated Properties Helps Eric Andrews Sell Homes During COVID19

Pittsboro NC – Eric Andrews discusses some of the complications COVID19 has presented. Purchase offers, lending and even visiting a house for sale has all changed in 2020. Speaker 1:                           How does experience selling difficult properties apply to these current times? Eric Andrews:                    I have experienced selling difficult properties. I get a lot of estate […]