Can You Buy a House on Jordan Lake NC?

Jordan Lake is surrounded by land owned and operated by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. You can not build a house on the lake. There are a few houses with a lake view thanks to their elevation. Interviewer:           Can you live on Jordan Lake? Eric:           Like on the water? Interviewer:           Like on a […]

Determining Must Haves When Buying a House in a Crazy Hot Real Estate Market

Pittsboro Real Estate Broker Jodi Tata discusses coming up with your “must haves” to help you determine which houses to bid on during a crazy hot real estate market like we’re experiencing right now in 2021. Jodi Tata:            Oh my God. So, the real estate market is going crazy. People are going crazy. So how […]

Are houses cheaper in Chatham County or Wake County in 2022?

In 2022, houses are costing more in Chatham County than in Wake County, but it is because we have a lot of large acreage tracts and new construction. Wake County’s pricing averages are also lower because of townhome sales. Transcript: That is an interesting stat. First of all, Wake County has had phenomenal appreciation. It […]

Will Solar Panels Increase Property Values in North Carolina?

North Carolina Real Estate Broker Eric Andrews discusses the possibility of solar panels and Tesla Solar Roofs on homes in North Carolina and their affect on a home’s pricing. Speaker 1:           Will Tesla’s solar panels, solar roofs, I think they call them solar links, improve a house’s value? Speaker 2:           So these aren’t your normal […]

Adverse Possession, Squatter’s Rights and Land Issues in North Carolina

Squatter’s Rights do not really exist in North Carolina. You can not take possession of a property by camping out on it for a few years. In North Carolina we have “Adverse Possession”. This generally applies when a building has been slightly over a border for at least 20 years and both parties knew about […]

Experience Selling Complicated Properties Helps Eric Andrews Sell Homes During COVID19

Pittsboro NC – Eric Andrews discusses some of the complications COVID19 has presented. Purchase offers, lending and even visiting a house for sale has all changed in 2020. Speaker 1:                           How does experience selling difficult properties apply to these current times? Eric Andrews:                    I have experienced selling difficult properties. I get a lot of estate […]