Common Crawlspace Complications in Chatham County North Carolina

Crawlspace complications in a North Carolina homes generally translate into water and remediation expense. When a home is built, it sits on a foundation. In Chatham County, that foundation creates a perimeter around dirt and air consisting of the crawlspace.

Some people will blanket the surface of the crawlspace with plastic, creating a barrier that water won’t penetrate and get into the structure of the home. It’s standing water that creates problems for homeowners.

The best way to cure standing water problems is to make sure water never enters the crawlspace in the first place. A few common remedis include:

  • Sup pumps
  • Sealed crawlspaces
  • French Drains
  • Grading problems

Problems Caused by Standing Water:

Black mold, rot and even foundational issues can be caused by water in a crawlspace. Then, the remediation people come in, and it can get very costly. It’s better for a seller to know if they have water in a crawl space, so they can remedy the situation in the way that they want to that’s affordable, rather than suffer remediation shock with a lifetime warranty and the possibility of paying double the remediation cost. Grading or a sump pump might do the trick.

Water in a house causes a long list of possible complications. Aside from roof and HVAC, crawl space issues could be one of the three biggest issues for a seller. If you have water or mold in your crawl space, you might want to address the issue before you ever put your home up for sale.