Can You Buy a Home Listed as “Coming Soon” on Zillow?

Yes, you can buy a home that’s listed as “coming soon” on Zillow.

The typical scenario for such a deal is when the market is highly competitive, and we see a shortage of inventory. Potential buyers will see the photos of the home online, contact the agent and make the offer, sometimes sight unseen.

When There’s Still Work to Do

A “coming soon” issue might also arise when work still remains to be done on the home or even the yard. Maybe kitchen cabinets need to be refurbished with new fronts, the entire home needs a paint job or there’s considerable yard work to do. Agents might say that the home is “coming soon” before any of that work has even started. That could put potential buyers at a disadvantage, especially with the quality of any work to be performed in the future.

A home that’s “coming soon” must be picture ready. If it isn’t, it probably shouldn’t be advertised as “coming soon.”