Determining Must Haves When Buying a House in a Crazy Hot Real Estate Market

Pittsboro Real Estate Broker Jodi Tata discusses coming up with your “must haves” to help you determine which houses to bid on during a crazy hot real estate market like we’re experiencing right now in 2021.

Jodi Tata:            Oh my God. So, the real estate market is going crazy. People are going crazy. So how do you get out of that wild rush, where you might possibly make a decision that’s a big, long term decision that you’re not happy with? People right now, they’re not doing inspections. They’re overpaying by sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars for a house. The Navy SEALs have a saying, “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.” You can get the exact home you’re looking for, remembering that nothing’s perfect. So maybe you pay a little bit more than you want, or maybe there’s jut something about the house that’s not absolutely perfect. Just like with your mate, not everything is perfect perfect.

However, if we get into this rush that’s happening right now and you end up paying a lot more for something that you’re really not that happy with because you got into a bit of a frenzy, then you’re not going to end up being so happy. So how do you step out of that rush? Again, slow down. Slow down and get a little centered and realize what… You sit down and what is it that we have to have in our house? You have that list, you have that. Where is it we want to be? You have this circle. So you make these decisions based on the absolute must. We must have a jacuzzi tub, or at least a big tub to soak in. Must have a garage. Must be in a neighborhood, or must have a well. Whatever it is that you want, put it down on paper. These are the non-negotiables.

Same thing with the area. So if the area you’re looking in, there’s nothing available right now, wait. You can wait a little bit. Is it that vital that you get that house that you spent a $100,000 more and you skip the inspection or you have no due diligence? That’s not really a sensible thing to do. So stepping out of the rush, getting focused on the non-negotiables, and then being a little bit patient. So you don’t end up making a decision that in the long term you’d end up being unhappy with.

That is what we, as professional brokers, are here to help you with. We’re here to help you so that you make the right choices and you do things like get an inspection. Skipping an inspection on a house is just flat out silly. You don’t want to end up being surprised after you move in that the electrical’s all wired wrong, or there’s something wrong with the foundation, or something that would be a costly mistake. So that is why you have a professional broker, and we at Realty World Carolina Properties, again we’re here to help you.

I’m Jodi Tata. I would be happy and honored to help you. Regardless of who you choose, make sure to make smart decisions. Especially now it’s so easy to get caught up in the rush. Step out of the rush, get focused on what it is, those non-negotiables, and make a great long term choice for yourself, even if you have to be a little bit patient to do so. It’s not a game where we’re running around a table trying to find a seat to sit down on. There is a house for you and that house, if it’s not on the market right this minute, it will be on the market. So just be a little bit patient, be smart. It’s your money, it’s your life. So value them as we value you. So thank you.