5 Types of Real Estate Investing Partnerships in North Carolina

One of the things that I’d like to talk about are fractional interests in real estate investment opportunities.


The first thing we need to know about is partnerships. The names of the partners are place may or may not be on a deed. Partnerships are usually formed to develop or rezone a property.

Tenancy  in Common.

The next one is a tenancy  in common. Everybody is on the deed. It’s inheritable.

Joint venture.

The third type of real estate investing is through a joint venture project. With a joint venture project, you have a partnership and a landowner who might be investing his or her equity interest in the property. The secondary investor invests money into the joint venture for purposes of increasing the value of the land. That joint venture project could be equal or greater than the value of the land. In a joint venture project. In a joint venture project, we have the investor or partnership with the landowner coupled with the knowledge, experience to get the project approved.


Then, we have the limited liability company. In such a company, the ownership interests of the owners are distinguished. You might hold a 5% interest while somebody else holds a 10% interest or more. Those percentage shares might be in one or more properties.


The final type of a real estate investment partnership is known as a REIT or real estate investment trust. REITs are publicly  traded. One of the  things  that we have to  worry about is when an LLC becomes  a REIT. Licensing is involved in a REIT.