Is Eric Andrews THE Land Guy?

Eric Andrews is sometimes referred to as the Land Guy. This could be due to his land sales around North Carolina or his Twitter handle. Follow Eric on Twitter here @LandGuy:

Interviewer:                          Are you known as The Land Guy?

Eric Andrews:                    The Land Guy with a T-H-E.

Interviewer:                          Or just Land Guy?

Eric Andrews:                    Land Guy. I have a Twitter handle. My Twitter handle is Land Guy. I mean, I would consider that a great compliment if somebody said, “Oh, that’s The Land Guy.”

There are quite a few agents in the area that specialize just in land. I’m lucky that in my market, I have the largest market share and do the most land sales, number of transactions, number of acres, and dollars. Dollars are important too.

There are some really good land people in Wake County and Alamance County, in Orange County. And luckily, well, and there are land women too. There are a lot of good land women. I’m a member of the Realtors Land Institute. We have several female ALCs and a lot more women getting into the land business. So I might be… If I am known as The Land Guy, that would be a very, very proud title to have.