Are there UFOs or Aliens in Pittsboro NC?

In this video, Unidentified Flying Objects and Extraterrestrials are discussed by your favorite Pittsboro YouTuber. Does Eric Andrews have the scoop on saucers or has he been looking at the stars too long?

Have you heard of “Big Hole” off of Mt. Gilead Road?

Interviewer:           Are there UFOs in Chatham County?

Eric:           Well, you know about big hole, Big Hole off of Mount Gillen. Big Hole is a secret communication site.

Interviewer:           Is that the mysterious parking lot or something?

Eric:           It’s an underground communication center, AT&T, and it was if there was … If the Russians had taken out DC, that was going to be our new communication center so we could run the country. Was from a hole off of Mount Gillen. So people have wondered whether or not that had something to do with aliens or artificial intelligence or whatever, but it’s a big secret. And I did see a really weird light in my farm, and I can’t believe that with an iPhone, I was able to zoom in on it. And when I zoomed in on it, it was actually something that you could see spinning. And then I looked it up and it really was, it was the international space station. But you could actually see it going across the sky and with an iPhone … An iPhone now is strong enough that you could zoom in on it and you could actually see that thing rotating and spinning through there. It was wild. It was wild.

So that was a temporary UFO because we figured out what it was. But no, I have to say I’ve never seen a UFO and I don’t know anyone in Chatham County that’s seen a UFO or whatever. We do have a few military bases close by. And so there are some helicopters and planes and jets that go by every now and then, but there’s a lot out in the news right now in the media, there’s supposed to be a national report coming out, a Congressional report coming out based on whether or not there are some legitimate UFO sightings. And the guys at the coast of … it’s really the coast of North Carolina, Norfolk and the coast of Virginia, and then coast of California. There’s a lot of video out there on the internet that you guys can find yourselves. And it’s pretty wild stuff. I remain skeptical, but I’m not as skeptical as I was when I was watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind when I was a kid.