Do I Need a Real Estate Agent When Buying a House in Chatham Park

Chatham Buyer’s Agent Eric Andrews explains why buyers choose to use a Real Estate Agent to advocate for them when buying a new home.

Speaker 1:           Should people hire a real estate agent when buying a new house in Chatham Park?

Speaker 2:           Well, I think it is a good thing for people to have their own representation. And there are good people that work at Chatham Park and I know a few of them, and they certainly wouldn’t dissuade a potential buyer from using their own agent. So, it’s not an … I think Chatham Park will be an organization that has integrity. There are some builders and real estate groups in the area that will say to a prospective buyer, if you bring in another agent, it will cost you more. And I don’t think that’s good for the consumer. I don’t think Chatham Park will do that. But yeah, it’s good to have your representation always. The bad side of it is that Chatham Park’s going to charge what Chatham Park’s going to charge. They are monopoly.

I think they’re going to have some cottages released in the winter of 2019 out of the vineyard subdivision off of Thompson Street and those are going to be fairly small homes. Those are going to be like 850 to 1,200 square foot homes. Those things are probably coming in at $200 a foot, okay. So we’re looking at $200,000, maybe $250 for really, really small homes. But they’re selling a lifestyle, they’re selling to be a part of that community. I don’t think there’s going to be a whole lot of negotiating going on. I don’t think you hiring your local buyer’s agent is going to help you a whole lot as far as getting a better price in Chatham Park. I think they’re going to tell you what you’re going to pay.

But monitoring the contract, making sure that everything’s proceeding smoothly, getting the construction inspected periodically I think is something that we do as buyers agents. And just having somebody that you know you could go to and say, “Hey, Eric, is this reasonable? This is what they’re telling me and is that the norm?” And just having an advocate to fight for you I think is a good thing. So certainly you can and I know Chatham Park’s going to cooperate with us.