Town Hall Burger is Coming to Pittsboro (Chatham Park)

Town Hall Burger is coming to the Mosaic shopping center in Chatham Park. Many of the retail outlets of Mosaic are scheduled to open in October 2020.

Speaker 1:           Is Chatham Park’s MOSAIC getting a Town Hall Burger?

Speaker 3:           I’m not going to announce what restaurants are coming to any areas. Yes, they are. They’re getting one. And they have burgers and beer there. It’s a great burger. I’ve been to the one in front of Briar Chapel. And I believe this is their fourth location. MOSAIC had the big tent, grand opening ceremony yesterday. And like we all didn’t know Chatham Park was coming, they needed an announcement. But it is nice to know what’s coming and it’ll be nice to have a giant burger and a place to grab a beer. But they do a really good job in front of Briar Chapel. And so whole lot closer, happy to have them in Pittsboro.