Pros and Cons of Pre-inspections When Selling a House in North Carolina

North Carolina law doesn’t require buyers to obtain a home inspection before buying a home. A purchaser can obtain an understanding of the condition of a home though with an inspection by a licensed home inspector at cost of the sellers. Home inspections can be full of surprises, so it might be best to dispense with any surprises right away. If there are no surprises, it makes the deal even more attractive for buyers.

Avoiding Possible Issues With a Pre-Inspection

If you’re contemplating putting your home up for sale, why not get a pre-inspection and avoid any possible unknown issues that might arise? Even if you’ve lived in your home from the time that it was built, it’s highly likely that a home inspector is going to find one or more items that repair, or replacement is recommended on. As a realtor, lender or an attorney, do you recall ever seeing a home inspection report saying that everything is in order? Probably not. Reports of home inspections are detailed. They might consist of 40 or 50 pages consisting of unimaginable items of inspection and issues. By getting a pre-inspection report though, you could avoid unpleasant surprises before they arise.

Do-It-Yourself Home Repairs

Every seller is going somewhere. When they sell, they get their net proceeds, but there are many times when money is tight, even after selling. A pre-inspection will give you an opportunity to even make certain repairs yourself. You might even obtain a pre-inspection report a year or so before listing the home on the market. By doing that, you’ll have ample spare time to get what you need to get things done.

You’ll Make it More Difficult for Serious Buyers to Try to Negotiate

If you already know what the hidden issues might be in a home, that makes it easier for you to set a sales price and more difficult for buyers to negotiate the price down with their report. They were already advised of the home’s condition, but insisted on seeing it, and matters have already been considered in your pricing. You might even let agents know of any significant issues in order to keep anybody looking for a steal  from wasting their agent’s time and your time. If you don’t want to weed out certain buyers, you can even present potential buyers with a copy of your inspection report along with the estimate costs of repairs and negotiate from there.

You might speed up the sales process with a pre-inspection report. You can even pack the price of the report into the purchase price. At this point in time, we’re in a seller’s market. Some buyers are willing to waive the home inspection contingency, especially if they feel that they’re making a more competitive offer. Getting your own full and complet pre-inspection can definitely operate in your favor.