Takeaways from the 2023 National Land Conference

The 2023 National Land Conference was held outside of Denver, CO. In 2022, about 300 members attended. More than 700 members attended in 2023.

The biggest takeaway from the conference was that there was approximately a 20% decrease in real estate transactions. Indeed, that’s substantial, but It was still a good year. The hottest real estate topics in the country were Florida, Texas and surprisingly, North Carolina.

Why North Carolina?

Attendees remarked about North Carolina because it’s so green. If you’ve never been here before, you wouldn’t believe how green it is. Why is it so green? Because it has water, that’s why. It’s in abundant supply in North Carolina, and residents take it for granted. On the other hand, we learned that residents of  Southern California treat water like a precious commodity. There is only so much water out west.

Have You Thought About Selling Chicken Houses?

Maybe the best takeaway from the 2023 conference was the lady from Alabama that attended who sold chicken houses. She was honored as being the top land broker in the United States for agricultural sales. Being hired, fired and hired again for the same property was also a recurring thread. We learned that it has happened more than once to many of us. We don’t yet know where the next National Land Conference will be held for 2024, but we’re looking forward to it already.