Remove Pictures, But Do Not Remove Nails or Fill Holes in Wall When Selling Your House

In this video Eric Andrews discusses removing pictures when selling your home – just leave the nails in place!!!

Speaker 1:           What do you do about pictures on the wall when you’re selling your house?

Speaker 2:           So when you’re listing the house a lot … having too many pictures might make the house look small or cluttered or whatever. So you want to eliminate those, if you can. There used to be, I misnomer about having family pictures up on the wall, whatever. But I mean, it’s your house. You it’s okay to have some, not just too many or people will feel as though they’re kicking you out and taking your home or whatever. So there’s some, there’s some psychology there, but it’s not as much as what people think. But the main thing that people need to know about is when you’re leaving the house and you take all those pictures down, for God’s sakes just leave the nails there.

What we get into is we get in a situation where people will remove the nails and now there’s a hole in the wall. And then we’ll have people that fill them with Colgate toothpaste, because that’s kind of like putty or we’ll have people that try to patch them and everything. And then we have patches all over the walls, which are very unsightly. And then of course, people will try to paint just the patches, which, sun, UV, time and everything, there’s no way you’re going to match it. So then we have this camouflage pattern on the wall. So that’s not a good thing to do. And then you might end up painting the whole wall and that can cause problems too. So I know you’re trying to help and make for more successful closing, but really just leave the nails there. Take the pictures off the wall, and that’s all you have to do. The more you try to fix it, the worse you’re making it for all of us.