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Selling Land in Bennett North Carolina

Bennett NC

If you are considering selling land in Bennett North Carolina please read on. I have helped many buyers and sellers in Bennett over the years and currently have listings in Bennett. You can see my credentials on these pages: Chatham County Land Sales and North Carolina Land […]

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Bank Financing and Alternatives for Raw Land in North Carolina

If you are considering buying or selling land in North Carolina please see my page dedicated to North Carolina Land Sales. I am one of the largest land agents in the state. Will banks finance land? Buyers and especially sellers should take note that banks will not […]

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How Population Distribution Is Affecting North Carolina Counties

Year after year, the total population for the state of North Carolina continues to grow, but what surprises many is that many counties across the state are experiencing problems as their individual populations decline. When looking closer at the numbers, it’s clear that the population is not […]

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How Adjoining Properties Affecting Property Values in North Carolina

When buying or selling real estate, knowing what properties are on either side is important, as they can greatly affect the value of the land. While many types of undesirable neighbors may diminish the value, such as firing ranges or dog kennels, there are some that can […]

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How Much Is Land Worth In Wake County?


If you are looking to sell land in the Wake County area to develop please see my page dedicated to Wake County Land Sales. Land value in Wake County Land value in Wake County is all over the place, and no two acres of land are worth […]

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Selling Land In Wake County in 2016

subdividable lot in silk hope

If you are looking to sell land in the Wake County area to develop please see my page dedicated to Wake County Land Sales. Real estate in Wake County is moving quickly these days, and many people are taking advantage of the opportunity to sell their property […]

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Which Triangle Municipalities Are Easiest To Develop?

If you are looking to sell or buy land in the area to develop please see my page dedicated to Wake County Land Sales. My years of experience in this industry have resulted in having good relationships with all of the area’s town planners. I’ve learned a […]

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How Long Is A Land Survey Good For?

If you’re going to be selling land, it’s a good idea to make sure it’s been surveyed recently. An up-to-date and accurate survey of the land will make sure the the legal property lines listed on the deed are accurate, and any discrepancies between neighboring land owners […]

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Should I Have My Land Surveyed Before Putting It Up For Sale?

Sometimes, when a piece of land has been in a family for many years, there can be complications when trying to sell it. Often times, the information needed for the sale doesn’t exist, as the rules and procedures have changed drastically over time. One of the problems […]

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What’s the Difference Between Public and Private Roads in North Carolina?

If you’re looking at purchasing a piece of property, it’s important to consider what kind of road its connected to, and whether that road is public or private. Which type or road it is will determine how it’s maintained, and who pays for that maintenance. Many subdivisions […]

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