Homes and Land in Silk Hope NC – Extremely High Demand in 2019

Silk Hope has ground that will pass a peculation test, hardwood trees, great schools and beautiful views. People moving to Chatham County who are seeking 5 – 10 acres of land and want to be 15 minutes from downtown Pittsboro are moving to Silk Hope, and people commuting to Chapel Hill are also moving to Silk Hope.

Speaker 1:           I’ve noticed a lot of people are trying to buy houses and land and Silk Hope.

Speaker 2:           Yeah. Yeah. Silk Hope is probably one of the… I mean, there’s a lot of pretty areas in Chatham County, but Silk Hope is certainly one of the best. People like the topography its gentle, rolling Hills, some of which have some views. The majority of the vegetation there is hardwoods instead of pine, and so I think a lot of people like old hardwoods. There are quite a few farms there, or there is land that used to be farm land. And people have a tendency of having a little bit more acreage out in the Silk Hope area. There’re some areas that have good soil, so you can perk and have an individual septic system in the Silk Hope area, so that’s good.

There’s Bobcat Point subdivision, Cattail Creek subdivision. And then there’re some others like Running Springs, and there’s several other smaller ones that are probably in like the five to 20 lots. And people are getting a three to 10 acre lot for the residence. And you compare, I mean, some of us don’t think 10 acres is all that big, but you’re looking at 50 carry lots that could fit into that 10 acre parcel. So it’s definitely huge people really, really love the Silk Hope School District. Both my kids, my son went there K through eight, and my daughter went there K through seven and fantastic school system. It’s really small, parents are very involved, strong PTA.

We also have Shakori Hills, which is a music festival, that’s there a few times a year. And Ruritan does an old fashioned farmer’s day, which is really unique in Silk Hope, that’s on labor day weekend. But I think one of the things that’s so attractive is right now, Sax Baja Snow Camp are huge bedroom communities for the Chapel Hill area. And it’s 15, 20 minutes Silk Hope. If you cut through Chicken Bridge in the back way through Carrboro, is about 20 to 30 minutes to Carrboro and Chapel Hill. And so I always tell people a two by four cost, the same in Silk Hope and Pittsburgh as it does in Chapel Hill or Carrie. But the only thing that we have more of is land. And if somebody’s looking for these larger acreage subdivisions, or a small farm, something that they can do something on with some acreage. Silk Hope is an excellent opportunity for that.