Experience Selling Complicated Properties Helps Eric Andrews Sell Homes During COVID19

Pittsboro NC – Eric Andrews discusses some of the complications COVID19 has presented. Purchase offers, lending and even visiting a house for sale has all changed in 2020.

Speaker 1:                           How does experience selling difficult properties apply to these current times?

Eric Andrews:                    I have experienced selling difficult properties. I get a lot of estate work from attorneys, so those can be complicated, multiple sellers. A lot of times we get homes that need a lot of work, that they won’t qualify for regular financing. We do a lot of manufactured homes, double wides, single wises, triple wides and modular homes, and a lot of those don’t qualify for traditional financing. And then what I’m really known for is homes with acreage, and that’s not traditional financing either so you have to have a special lender. But I think why that skillset helps now is because with COVID-19, they’re all difficult. Every property we have is difficult right now.

And we have so many different sellers with so many different needs, so some of them are talking about, “Take your shoes off,” some of them are, “Leave your shoes on.” Some of them are, “Take your shoes off and put on these booties,” some of them want the booties over the shoes. Everything, everything, everything, everything.

Speaker 1:                           Is Coronavirus transferred through the feet?

Eric Andrews:                    I don’t know if it does or not. I don’t know, but every household has their different set of rules and the addendums are changing, the market’s changing, the lending’s changing. I just think the experience of having difficult properties and doing a lot of estate work really has prepared us for this current situation, because they’re all difficult now.