Bob Atkinson VS Eric Andrews – North Carolina Land Sales

What is the difference between Bob Atkinson and Eric Andrews? Is one Land Sales agent better than the other? Hear Eric’s review!

Speaker 1:           Who’s the better realty agent, Bob Atkinson or Eric Andrews?

Speaker 2:           Bob has been around longer than I have and Bob has throughout his life, done more transactions than I have. I think annually, now I do more transactions than he does according to MLS.

Speaker 1:           So, why are you two so good at selling land?

Speaker 2:           Bob’s been in it for a long time and he’s in an area that’s red, red, red hot right now.

Speaker 1:           Wake County?

Speaker 2:           He’s in the western part of Wake County, the Apex area and he’s on that side of the lake. He’s in Chatham County on the eastern side of the lake. So, he’s done some big things on the 64 Corridor. He was involved with the Beaver Creek Shopping Center. He’s done a lot of big things on the 751 Corridor. I have to say you know, I like working with people that know land and Bob certainly knows.

Speaker 1:           Have you done any transactions with him?

Speaker 2:           Yeah, I’ve done several transactions with him and he was good to work with. He’s good to work with. He knows his stuff and he’s helped me on my listings and I’ve sold a few of his. He’s well connected with some foreign investors, which are good. He’s been very solid with the Asian community and bringing buyers locally to the area. He gets excited about rising land prices and they certainly have risen quite a bit on that side of the lake. One of the things that Bob does that I think is interesting, and he has the resources to do it, is he will…if I have a piece of dirt, it’s a piece of dirt that I’m trying to sell.

Bob will get more involved in the cleanup and getting rid of some of the vegetation and making it look more pretty, which I think we need to do more so for the Wake County clients and everything. So he’s brought in some heavy equipment, cleaned up the underbrush around trees and whatnot and make it look good but yeah, he’s been involved with some big things and I enjoy working with him. I would say that one of the things I would take pride in is if Bob needs help in something that he’s doing, especially more toward Pittsboro on the other side of Pittsboro or whatever, he calls me for advice and certainly if I were to do something in that Apex area, I would call Bob and ask him his advice as well.