How Do You Price a Horse Farm in Chatham County NC?

The people in the equestrian community are of a different breed. I have a lot of success though with such people. Only 1.3 million people in the entire United States own horses. That’s less than one percent of the population.

When, I list a horse farm in Chatham County, I know that you want me to sell to another horse person, but you’re making me eliminate 99% of the market. As a good agent, I don’t think I should eliminate 99% of the market.

I’ve sold horse farms for north of $2 million. I’ve sold horse properties in the $600,000 to $1,2 million dollar range. I want my horse farm sellers to understand that I’ve sold horse farms to an Alpaca person, I’ve sold horse property to a cattle guy, a pumpkin farmer and a blueberry farmer.

Horse people are very particular about the soil on the property. They prefer sandy soil as opposed to clay. I’ve lost contracts over Johnson grass. I didn’t even  know what Johnson grass was. I’ve lost them over the type of fencing and whether the stall floor was wood or cement.

I understand that ideally, you want to sell to another horse person, but basically, we’re going to look at the house, the improvements, who it can be used by and the overall acreage of the property. I’m not thinking so much about horse specific improvements unless it’s one of those magical turnkey equestrian properties, but I don’t want to eliminate 99% of the population.