Are AirBNB Listings Allowed in Chatham County NC?

The general rule in Chatman County, NC is that if a property owner want to let his or her place out to Air B&B customers, he  or  she  is free to do  so. Air B&B is a fairly  new creature. It wasn’t around 25 years ago.

At the moment, I have clients who are renting their places out for$200 a night. I have one client with a  large home that is primarily booked for weddings, and she rents her place out at $400 per night. It’s a large, nice home near Carrington and an entire family  can rent the house.

Homeowners and other associations never contemplated AIR B&B. Many of them don’t have  provisions for Air B&B, but now they must take steps for or against them. It’s a very volatile situation. In my neighborhood, we’re like minded people and really don’t want that type of arrangement.

If you live at an  unrestricted property, you’ll probably be free to do what you wish with it. If you live in an area that doesn’t have any covenants, you’ll need to get together and pass a covenant restricting Air B&B or businesses like it if that’s what you want to do. Covenants are like a miniature statute or ordinance, so if you don’t want an Air B&B in your neighborhood, you’ll have to go door to door, get signatures and take it to a vote in a homeowners association meeting. You’ll need standing to sue to do so.