Homes with Outbuildings in Pittsboro NC


As a real estate broker who specializes in land sales, many of the homebuyers contacting me or my staff are often looking for homes for sale with outbuildings on the property. Types of Outbuildings in Pittsboro Pittsboro is the place for outbuildings. We have all sorts of outbuildings here. Outbuildings are basically any type of […]

2015 Farm Tour in Pittsboro NC

2015 marks the 20th anniversary of the Piedmont Farm Tour. The farm tour covers several areas of the piedmont region of North Carolina, including Pittsboro. Chatham County has a very strong group of farmers who practice sustainable agriculture, and there are many great farms to see on this tour. Expect to see farms with livestock, […]

Chatham Park Construction Begins

chatham park construction

Chatham Park construction has begun. The first project is the medical office building off of Russet Run Rd. Here is a picture of the steel frame going up: This building will house many specialty office from UNC Health Care. Stay on top of news like this over on our main page: Chatham Park News and […]

YouTube Neighborhood Videos of Pittsboro North Carolina


Everyone always tells us, we wish we could see what neighborhood without driving to it. Well, now you can. Google Maps street view is really neat but is sluggish and annoying. We have been putting together basic videos of Pittsboro’s neighborhoods recently. You can see Pittsboro’s neighborhoods and the videos over here on our resource […]

Homes with Acreage in Pittsboro North Carolina

Home in Bobcat Point

If you are looking for a home with acreage in Pittsboro North Carolina, you will end up with 2 general options. Buy a home in a subdivision, or buy ne not in a subdivision. Homes with acreage in a subdivision We have just put together a very large resource called Pittsboro Neighborhoods and Subdivisions. This […]

All About Ticks in Pittsboro North Carolina

As a land guy I get bit by ticks all the time no mater what preventative methods I put in place. People ask me a lot of tick questions. Here are the most common questions I am asked about ticks in Pittsboro, NC. Does Pittsboro NC have ticks? Yes. In Pittsboro and all across North […]

What is the Fastest Way to Sell Land in Pittsboro?

land image

Fortunately most land owners are not on a hurry. There are however times when people want to sell land fast. A client in Pittsboro asked me last week “What is the fastest way to sell land in Pittsboro?” How do you define fast? Land takes more time to sell than other real estate such as […]

How often does it Snow in Pittsboro NC?

snow in Pittsboro

Occasionally people moving to the area ask me how often is snows here in Pittsboro. North Carolina is not a very snowy state and the same is true for Pittsboro. Occasionally we’ll get a good snow here, and other years we’ll get no snow at all. The average annual snowfall in Pittsboro NC is 4″. […]

Eric Andrews #1 Broker in Land Commercial Sales NC/SC

February 21, 2015, several Realtors from my office, Realty World Carolina Properties, and myself, traveled to Myrtle Beach for the 20th Annual Awards Banquet for Realty World The Carolinas. Several agents here were given many awards. What an outstanding team we have. Our office, Realty World Carolina Properties , and the office itself was given […]

SOLD: Cape Cod Style Home in Pittsboro on 6 Acres

Cape Cod style house in pittsboro

Here’s a neat Cape Cod style house that we sold in Pittsboro, NC that had fencing for livestock in place. This home is located just off of 15/501. If you are looking to buy a home near Pittsboro with acreage feel free to search the Chatham County MLS listings, and if you have land to […]