2015 Farm Tour in Pittsboro NC

2015 marks the 20th anniversary of the Piedmont Farm Tour.

The farm tour covers several areas of the piedmont region of North Carolina, including Pittsboro.

Chatham County has a very strong group of farmers who practice sustainable agriculture, and there are many great farms to see on this tour. Expect to see farms with livestock, vegetables, and more. There are meat farms, dairy farms, farms with pigs, farms with cows, farms with vegetables, and farms with all of the above.

The farms which are actually located in Pittsboro NC include Granite Springs, Farm Boy Farms, The Student Farm at CCCC, Piedmont Biofarm & Screech Owl’s Greenhouse.

To take the farm tour, buy a pass here, then drive yourself around to whichever farms you’d like to visit.

Here is a map of the farms in Pittsboro and beyond participating in this year’s Piedmont farm tour.