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Cheap Land in Chatham County near Pittsboro

Land prices in Pittsboro vary drastically. You can find land for $75k an acre or $750/acre. There are however a few places in Chatham County around Pittsboro where land is consistently priced lower than in other areas. The cheapest land

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Where will Pittsboro NC’s new 15/501 Bypass Go?

The 15/501 Bypass has been in discussion since the 1970’s. Eventually, due to Chatham Park or other inevitable growth, the congestion around the traffic circle at the Pittsboro courthouse will substantially increase, and the 15/501 Bypass will be implemented. 15/501

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Agricultural Land in Chatham County

If you are looking to buy or sell land in Chatham County for agricultural purposes please feel free to give me a call. I am Chatham County’s land expert and have worked with all types of agriculture needs from alpacas

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