Cheap Land in Chatham County near Pittsboro

Land prices in Pittsboro vary drastically. You can find land for $75k an acre or $750/acre. There are however a few places in Chatham County around Pittsboro where land is consistently priced lower than in other areas. The cheapest land in Chatham is in the Southwestern part of the county. Prices drop significantly when you […]

Which town in Chatham County NC has the Best Soil?

soil types in chatham county image

In this video land expert Eric Andrews answers the question: Which town in Chatham County NC has the best soil? Eric discusses the soil types found in Chatham County, where the red, crumbly dirt is found, and the municipal wastewater treatment in Pittsboro, Goldsboro, and Siler City. He also discusses private sewer systems such as […]

Clearing Land in Chatham County with Goats!


We deal with all sorts of land transactions throughout Chatham County and all of central North Carolina: farm land, vacant land, land for new home construction, commercial land, you name it. Almost all vacant land that we put up for sale needs vegetation cleared. So, how do you go about accomplishing this? That is what […]