Flipping Houses in Pittsboro NC?

Flipping houses anywhere in the United States (and making money) requires knowing the right people and having lots of money on hand. Flipping houses is a very expensive process with small margins. If you are your own general contractor and aware of current market trends, there is […]

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2017 Halloween at Bynum Bridge

On this blog we often cover Halloween in Pittsboro. Many of the 2016 Pittsboro Halloween events are still taking place. One new event this year is Taco-Ween at 580 Craft Beer (dress up, eat tacos, drink beer). But one thing people always ask about is Halloween at […]

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Why Did my Bank Recommend Eric Andrews to purchase an FSBO Property?

This video was recorded minutes after Eric Andrews closed on a property. The property was listed as an FSBO property. When they buyer went to the bank to obtain financing, the bank strongly recommended that the buyer obtain a Pittsboro real estate agent. The buyer asked who […]

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When Will Homes be For Sale in Chatham Park? – Pittsboro NC

The first homes to be sold in Chatham Park will be available in 2019. These will be part of Chatham Park’s North Village, which will feature around 700 homes. Initially, there will be some single family homes, 100 townhomes and 61 cottages. We have a growing waiting […]

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Pittsboro Summerfest 2017

Pittsboro’s Second Annual Summerfest is coming and will be here Sunday, July 2, 2017 and begin at 2PM. Summerfest is organized by the Pittsboro Business Association. There will be free parking and a shuttle taking people from CCCC to downtown Pittsboro. Many businesses in downtown Pittsboro will […]

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Is Pittsboro NC Getting a Target or a Publix?

The 15-501 corridor is going to absolutely explode over the next 40 years as Chatham Park matures. People and companies from China, Pakistan, India and all over the USA are snapping up land in Chatham County. Major retailers and grocery stores who sign 20 and 30 year […]

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What Happened to the Exxon Gas Station in Wilsonville NC?- June 2017

On the first day of summer, June 21, 2017, Cruizers was missing! The store was demolished. The service station is going to be replaced by a newer, fancier Cruizers. The Cruizers in Pittsboro NC, near Powell Place, has a Subway, a walk in beer cave, a car […]

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Mark Zuckerberg Visits Pittsboro North Carolina

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg visited Pittsboro North Carolina recently. The visit took place on or around March 14, 2017. How do you “like” that? The CEO was visiting the Norethwood High School FFA. For proof, we have a tweet: Picture taken with past and present FFA Officers, […]

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Are there Black Bears in Chatham County NC?

Multiple black bears were spotted in Chatham County in and around Pittsboro and near the Chatham County and Lee County line in May and June of 2016. Sightings date back to 2013 in areas of Carrboro and Chapel Hill. Black bears are not considered aggressive animals like […]

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Land Appraisal Problems in North Carolina – Eric Andrews, Accredited Land Consultant

If you are having problems with land appraisals please contact Eric Andrews for a consultation. There are about a million problems which can occur when it comes to appraising the value of land. For example, during a divorce or after a death, a 20 acre property may […]

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