2017 Home Sales Prices Pittsboro NC

As of 2017 home sales in Pittsboro are HOT. Newer houses under $300,000 are selling sight unseen and closing with under 72 hours on the market. We have clients who find homes that fit their needs and they are SOLD before they can get off of work […]

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Auctioning Land and Real Estate in North Carolina in 2017

In this video, Licensed Auctioneer, Reverend Colonel Eric Andrews describes the real estate auction scene in 2017! Should I auction my land? If you’d like Eric to auction your land, please see his North Carolina real estate auction services. However, we do not recommend auctions as you […]

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Should You Stop Using Voicemail in 2017? How Real Estate Broker Eric Andrews Handles Off Hours Phone Calls

In this video Eric Andrews explains how voicemail began consuming far too much time a few years ago. Looking back in 2017, he has no regrets. Eric’s Voicemail Eric doesn’t disregard clients- quite the opposite. Although he no longer uses Voicemail, buyers and sellers are able to […]

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How far are the Mountains from Pittsboro NC?

Many popular places in the Blue Ridge Mountains, aka the Smokey Mountains, are between 2.5 – 3.5 hours from Pittsboro, North Carolina. Popular destinations include: Boone NC – 2.5 Hours (160 miles) Asheville NC – 3.5 Hours (215 miles) Hendersonville NC – 3.5 Hours (230 miles) Brevard […]

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How far is the Ocean from Pittsboro NC?

Here are some popular beaches and their approximate distances from Pittsboro NC: Wrightsville Beach- 2.5 Hours (160 miles) Atlantic Beach – 3 Hours (180 miles) Topsail Island – 2 Hours, 45 Minutes¬† (160 miles) Emerald Isle – 3 Hours (180 miles) Myrtle Beach, SC – 3 Hours […]

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Former Northwood High School Football Coach Eric Andrews

Eric Andrews moved to the Pittsboro area for a dream job of teaching history and coaching football at a high school. About 5 or 6 years after teaching he ended up getting into real estate. In the video below, he discusses his passion for football and the […]

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2017 Deer Hunting Season and Population in North Carolina

In this video, Land Expert Eric Andrews discusses the deer population in central North Carolina, or more specifically, Pittsboro / Chatham County, NC, as we move in to 2017. Leasing Land for Hunting vs Buying Land for Hunting There are thousands of hunters throughout central North Carolina […]

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2017 North Carolina Land Sales Outlook – The Good and the Bad

In the video below, land expert Eric Andrews looks into his crystal ball and explains the 2017 land sales outlook for 2017. There is some good and bad! Also, 2016 was a phenomenal year, and 2017 is on track to be even better. Will land prices increase? […]

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How Will President Donald Trump Affect North Carolina Real Estate?

Rumors of people selling their homes and moving to Canada exist, however, 2016 was an amazing year for real estate in North Carolina. In fact, people from all over the world are snatching up land in Chatham County and Wake County. Recently, a real estate investor from […]

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Buying and Selling Land in Bonlee NC in 2017

We list large acreage tracts of land for sale in Bonlee North Carolina. Most of the buyers picking up land in Bonlee at the moment pick it up in the $3,000 – $6,000 per acre range and use it for agricultural purposes such as farming. If you […]

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