Eric Andrews Review by Repeat Client Nicholas Dakas

We were shooting videos for the Eric Andrews YouTube channel and a repeat client was in the office. Eric convinced this client to come in and do a quick YouTube video. This client’s name is Nicholas Dakas of It is our fault that the video is […]

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How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in Pittsboro NC?

Many of our clients we help buy land for building a home also want to know what it costs to build a new house. In general, a very basic house can be built for around $90/sf, and many higher end houses are running $150 – $175/sf. At […]

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Is an Eagles or a Sheetz Convenience Store Coming to Pittsboro NC?

Across from the Hardees in Pittsboro on East Street is a vacant lot where people used to wash cars. Currently, Noel’s fruit stand sets up shop there and there are a few abandoned cars lying around. Is a new convenience store coming to this lot? The land […]

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What Is Being Built on Business 64 in Pittsboro Near Chatham Park?

Over the next several years we are going to see a lot of construction along Highway 64 and 64 Business here in town. If you’ve left the courthouse and you’re headed towards Cary, you’ll see construction taking place on the left side of biz 64. There is […]

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Does All Land for Sale in NC Show Up on Zillow or MLS?

No. Many parcels of land for sale in North Carolina are not listed with the MLS or Zillow. Farm Land, Vacant Land and Residential: Land does not have to be FSBO (For Sale By Owner) to not make it onto the Multi Listing Services (MLS). Some sellers […]

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Buying a Home near Jordan Lake in 2018

If you need a buyer’s agent to buy a home near Jordan Lake in 2018, contact Eric Andrews today. In the video below, Eric explains the status of home sales in this area of Chatham County. Recap: Cary, Apex and Durham are closing in on Chatham County. […]

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Flipping Land in Pittsboro NC?

Pittsboro land sales expert Eric Andrews explains that in 2017 and 2018 people are indeed flipping land in Pittsboro and Chatham County by developing the land. Eric has built 5 subdivisions where he was either the 100% owner or a consultant or partner. A big deciding factor […]

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Flipping Houses in Pittsboro NC?

Flipping houses anywhere in the United States (and making money) requires knowing the right people and having lots of money on hand. Flipping houses is a very expensive process with small margins. If you are your own general contractor and aware of current market trends, there is […]

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2017 Halloween at Bynum Bridge

On this blog we often cover Halloween in Pittsboro. Many of the 2016 Pittsboro Halloween events are still taking place. One new event this year is Taco-Ween at 580 Craft Beer (dress up, eat tacos, drink beer). But one thing people always ask about is Halloween at […]

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Why Did my Bank Recommend Eric Andrews to purchase an FSBO Property?

This video was recorded minutes after Eric Andrews closed on a property. The property was listed as an FSBO property. When they buyer went to the bank to obtain financing, the bank strongly recommended that the buyer obtain a Pittsboro real estate agent. The buyer asked who […]

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