Will Pittsboro, NC get a Krispy Kreme Donuts?

I have heard rumors about Krispy Kreme coming to Pittsboro, NC.

At this time I believe these are exactly that. Rumors.

However, as time goes on and Pittsboro becomes one of the largest technology hubs in the United States there is no doubt that we will start to get more of the major franchises right here in Pittsboro.

There are currently multiple commercial lots along 15/501 and Highway 64 Business (East Street) available for sale. Most are listed on commercial websites. Some are listed on the MLS.

A variety of individuals have contacted me who have land for sale that do not want it on the market just yet.  It would be wise for any major chain looking to buy land in Pittsboro to contact me now and/or secure their land.  I just completed one of the largest land transactions in recent Pittsboro history. Companies who wait 5-10 years to secure their land will be paying a whole lot more for it than they will today.