Researching Land Transactions in Chatham County

If you are looking for someone to assist you in a property transaction in Chatham County please visit our page on Chatham County Land Sales.

Transaction records:

All transactions of land and real property sales, including easements, rights of way, leaseholdings, etc. have records which are maintained by the Register of Deeds. They also have on file deeds of trust, mortgages, and uniform commercial code filings. To research official records in the area visit the Chatham County Register of Deeds Remote Access Site.

GIS Mapping

Another way people look to see who currently owns land in the area is with the Chatham County GIS Mapping Website. On this site you can search properties by owner name, by parcel number, by parcel address, and more.

Real Property Record Search

Another online tool is the Chatham County Tax Administration Record Search provided by USTaxData. Entering information into this site, such as a parcel owner’s name, results in account details for real property owners. Account details include the property owner(s) name, mailing address, the physical location of the property, administrative data such as parcel ID #s and tax district information, and valuation information such as market value, assessed value, and more. Some people refer to the search results page as a “property record card”.

Google Maps:

The satellites do not update extremely frequently over ChathamCounty but we are seeing many results taking place annually around here finally. To locate property on Google Maps you can simply visit Google Maps and type an address in. On the bottom left hand side of the screen is an “Earth” button, just click that to switch from map view to satellite view.

Side note: As of 2014 Google Maps now displays user’s photspheres of cool things in the area, such as neighborhood parks, if end users have uploaded said photspheres. This is 360 degree image. This is an example photosphere:

We hope this helps get you started.