Land Auctions in Pittsboro and North Carolina

Looking to auction land in North Carolina? As an accredited land consultant and professional auctioneer I try to advise against land auctions. I do perform them when necessary and try to obtain the maximum dollar amount for the land being auctioned. I am a member of AANC, the Auctioneers Association of North Carolina.

There was a time when auctioned land brought in around 90 cents on the dollar. The last several land auctions I have seen in recent history however when for about 40% of what I could have obtained for the seller if they were to sell the land with me as their agent. This is because I specialize in land sales and have several listings at any given time.

Reasons people auction land:

I may have picked this term up from someone ages ago, I am not sure. I call them the 4 Ds. Death, desperation, debt, and divorce. These are by far the most common reasons people auction homes, land, or any other form of real estate.

If you have time:

Listing real estate costs me time and money. It costs you time that you may or may not have. Any time I list land I give people a realistic expectation of the time it will take and what kind of dollar amount that they will likely receive. It does not benefit either one of us if the land takes an eternity to sell. If you have a large tract or acreage or a farm to sell it will absolutely be in your best interest to list it with an established broker who specializes in your niche. This ensures a sale in the fastest amount of time for the maximum dollar amount.

If you do not have time:

I recently auctioned land near Rocky River here in Chatham County. The owner was going in to the nursing home. Even selling the land at a fraction of the price it could have sold for on the market was cost effective due to his specific circumstances. In cases like this you will want to use a certified land auctioneer. I have this accreditation and can auction your property for you.

If you have any questions or need to contact me feel free to give me a call or visit my page about Chatham County land sales.