What is an acre worth in Chatham County?

The most common and difficult question I get from any one looking to buy or sell land is about how much an acre is worth. If you want to know what your land is worth, contact me today. I’ll help you asses all the details and aspect of your property and determine the price per acre of your land.

What is an acre of land worth?

An ounce of gold is an ounce of gold, and they are all valued the same. The price only changes as the entire market fluctuates. Land, however, is very different. No two pieces of property are the same, and the value of your land will depend on many different variables. Location, zoning, road access, traffic, access to municipal water and sewer, and surrounding properties all play a role in determining land value. In Chatham County alone a singe acre may range from just a few thousand dollars,to over a million dollars.

If you’re looking to sell, and want to make the most money you can, contact me today. I’ll help you price your land appropriately, and make sure you don’t leave any money on the table.