Well Water VS City Water in Chatham County NC

One of the decisions land buyers in Chatham County have to face is the choice between well water and municipal water. If you’re looking to purchase land in the area and aren’t sure of the benefits and disadvantages of either, contact me today and I’ll help you choose the right option that fits your needs.

Which is better, well water or county water?

Before you can decide whether well water or county water are right for you, know that there are pros and cons to both. The biggest difference is going to be the minimum amount of land required. Properties will both well water and septic systems will require a minimum of 1.5 acres. Alternatively, plots with access to municipal water can be smaller, 40k square ft, around 9/10ths of an acre.

Also consider the amount of water you’re expecting to use. Most farms will use much more water than a commercial business or residence, and the annual costs of well water for farming applications will be much lower. For residential properties, however, the math works out much differently. The cost of building a new well will cost on average twice the amount of tapping into the county water lines. Then there’s the monthly cost for power to run the well, around $15, half the cost of the monthly fee for county water. Finally, there’s the cost of regular maintenance, including shocking and testing for contaminants.

And you also need to consider taste, and your personal preference between the two. Depending on the location and quality of your well, and how sensitive your taste buds are, you may prefer one over the other.

If you’re debating between municipal and well water for your property, and would like some help deciding, contact me today. Together we can weigh all the details and make sure you’re getting exactly what you need.