Well Water Contamination North Carolina

When buying or selling land with well water access, it is important to know of any possible contaminants in that water. If you know of any issues with the water on your land, or aren’t sure and would like to get it tested, contact me today. I can help you make sure your water is clean and safe, and if not, help you make the changes needed to improve the water coming out of your well.

What kind of well water contaminants should you be worried about?

There are a few kinds of contaminants that are found more commonly than others, and each one will require a different solution in order for the water to be clean and safe. In Chatham County wells you can often find trace amounts of arsenic. If the levels of arsenic are above the federally established safety limits, you can install reverse osmosis filters to remove a lot, but not all of it. If your well has measurable arsenic below this safety limit, with or without a filtration system, you may still have trouble selling your land, since no one wants to hear that there’s arsenic in their water, no matter how little.

Other contaminants to worry about include lead and E. coli. Lead in well water is usually found after periods of inactivity, and can be flushed out easily by running the well for a period of time. Before long the water will test clean. E. coli is generally found in wells near farm land, or in areas near a sewage spill. This can be resolved with a UV filtration process, but even with proper treatment the perception of E.coli in the ground water may affect property value.

If you know of an issue with water in your well, or aren’t sure and would like to have it tested, contact me today and I’ll help you take the steps to make sure your water is safe.