“Stranger Things” References Chatham County and North Carolina

Did you know that Stranger things is produced by Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer who were born and raised in Durham, North Carolina?

That explains all the references to the Bull City and Pittsboro. In the show, the setting is Hawkins, Indiana. However, a few of the references to Durham NC and Chatham County include the Eno River, Jordan Lake, the Nuclear Power Plant and Cornwallis Road. There’s also possibly a secret government facility near Jordan Lake, NC called “Big Hole”.

Stranger Things Season 3 hit Netflix on July 4, 2019. Eric Andrews, who helps people buy and sell land around Chatham County and Jordan Lake, couldn’t help but notice all of the references to our area in Stranger Things over the years. In Season 3, the Russians are buying up land around “Jordan Lake”. Ironically, people are buying land around (the real) Jordan Lake here in Chatham County as the real estate market is very, very hot.

You can read more about Big Hole here.