Selecting a Chatham County Real Estate Lawyer

An attorney who focuses on real estate closings is preferred to close on a house in Chatham County, especially if a mortgage is involved.

In many cases, your real estate agent or their staff will be recommending a real estate attorney for you.

Important points:

  • In Pittsboro, in 2019, the average real estate lawyer charges around $1,400 for a closing.  This was $700 just a few years ago before several new rules took effect.
  • A local attorney is preferred. In rural areas of Chatham County, there are many things to consider, such as propane in a tank which can be worth $700, or easements, etc.
  • Some banks in our area require attorneys to be on their approved list.
  • A good real estate lawyer has a great paralegal.

While any state licensed lawyer may be able to handle certain types of real estate transactions, it is in your best interest to select a local attorney who focuses on real estate closings.