Selling Land and Real Estate in Siler City North Carolina

I do half my business in Siler City North Carolina. I have done lots and lots of land sales in the area. I also do commercial and residential as well. But when it comes to selling land in the area I am the land sales expert to use. If you are considering selling land in Siler City contact me today. You can see my credentials on these pages: Chatham County Land Sales and North Carolina Land Sales.

Good things coming to Siler City?

Over the years Siler City has been really beat up. Homes sell here for 50% less than what they sell for up the street in Pittsboro. There has been major losses in construction, manufacturing and factories. A major blow to Siler was the closing of the Townsend chicken plant, which not only employed hundreds of people but paid taxes and had contracts with many local farmers.

However in 2016 a chicken processor, Mountaire Farms, announced 500 new jobs.

And if the Chatham Siler City Megasite gets an auto manufacturer, it will transform Siler City.

At the moment, lots of people move to Siler who work in Chapel HIll

Selling land in Siler City NC

As described on my Chatham County Land Sales page I am able to assess land and determine the best use for the land. This helps sellers reach buyers, maximize the amount of money they can get for land, and get it sold as quickly as possible.