Homes in Siler City Selling to People Working in Chapel Hill

If you are looking to buy or sell a house in Siler City NC contact me today.I have helped people buy and sell a wide variety of properties all over Siler City.

Why are people buying homes in Siler City?

You can’t beat the price.

A lot of people are moving here as the homes are as much as 50% cheaper than they are even just up the road in Pittsboro.

Siler City is a nice place with a nice school system.

A lot of the people moving here live and work in Chapel Hill. Housing has become expensive in Chapel Hill. Also, due to traffic, driving in to Chapel Hill from Siler City isn’t that bad – we hear it every day from people who work at UNC or other places in the area.

Commuting from Siler to Chapel Hill

The commute from Siler City to Chapel Hill NC is usually 30 – 45 minutes depending on where you are starting from and where you are going to.

To get from Siler City to Chapel Hill, there are generally 3 routes most people take:

  • Silk Hope Road / Lindley Mills Road to Eli Whitney
  • 64 to 15/501
  • 64 to Big Woods Road

15/501 is straighter but has more intersections.

The best thing to do if you are considering moving out to Siler is to use Google Maps to look at commute times. Don’t forget, Google Maps has up to the minute data, so be sure to look at Google Maps during the time of the day when you are usually driving (eg: 9am). This will give you the most accurate drive time. Driving in from Chapel Hill is often faster than driving in from Durham or Raleigh.

Lots of people live in Chatham County and work in Orange

A very large chunk of people who reside in Chatham County work outside in Wake, Orange, or Durham County. Siler City does have promise though.