Seller Benefits of Owner Financed Land Sales in NC

In this video, Eric Andrews, one of the top sellers of land in the area and Chatham County’s only accredited land agent, discusses the benefits involved for sellers of land in North Carolina who choose to provide owner financing.

Some of the benefits for sellers include:

  • Many sellers opt to offer financing of land sales because there is not a lot of opportunity for buyers to get loans.
  • North Carolina is a deed of trust state. The sellers of land can act as the bank. If buyers do not make their payments, the seller can foreclose on the property.
  • Sellers offering financing can make significantly more money on their land by offering owner financing.
  • On a financed sale, you only pay gains to the extent you receive payments for each year.

Watch the video to hear Eric discuss more of the benefits of owner financed land sales in North Carolina.

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