Can you have a blueberry farm in North Carolina?

blueberriesWe have been asked:

  • Can you have a blueberry farm in Chatham County?
  • Can you have a blueberry farm in North Carolina?
  • Can you grow blueberries in North Carolina?

In the video below, land expert Eric Andrews discusses blueberry farming in Chatham County.

Eric recently sold land in Chatham County that was used specifically for a blueberry farm.

The climate in North Carolina is great for growing berries. The soils are not perfect for blueberry farms.

Soil preparation for blueberries is important. This particular land buyer dug up the land with a backhoe and brought in peat moss from Maine. Peat moss is rich in organic matter and great for the plant’s shallow roots.

Blueberries are very common in certain areas of the state, such as Burgaw, NC. If you have never been, you must eventually check out the North Carolina Blueberry Festival.

If you are looking for land to plant a blueberry farm please feel too reach out to us. Here is my page on North Carolina land sales. I will be happy to tell you what will and what will not work.