Can you Farm Pecans in North Carolina?

We have been asked: Can you farm pecans in North Carolina?

Not long ago we assisted a geneticist from California in buying a 25 acre tract in Harnett County. She purchased this land and covered it in Pecan Trees. This was a huge commitment as the seedlings she used will take 10 – 15 years to begin producing nuts.

Most pecan farms are located in the Eastern Piedmont region or East. There are several different types of pecan trees with varying soil and water requirements. Pecan trees exist that will produce at 6 years of age however these are not always the best trees for your land.

During good years, North Carolina produces 5 – 6 million pounds of pecans. Commercial plantings exist which have produced pecans for over 75 years.

In this video, Eric discusses the pecan farm:

Cape Fear and Stuart pecan trees are some of the most common trees planted. Other varieties include the Pawnee and Sumner. And, there are more.

When assisting people with land purchases for agricultural purposes in Chatham County and beyond we often seek the advice of NCSU who has an amazing soil testing program.

If you are looking to buy or sell land in the Piedmont region or beyonf feel free to visit our page on North Carolina land sales or give me a call.