Will Homes in Chatham Park have Gigabit Internet?

Update April 2018: CenturyLink has announced that they will deploy Gigabit Fiber to Chatham Park, bringing Gigabit Internet speeds to Pittsboro NC.

You can read the official announcement here.

Original post from 2/1/2015:

Rumors have been circulating that home builders will have many requirements when constructing the new 22,00 homes that will make up Chatham Park.

One of these rumors is that all homes will have fiber optic or Gigabit Internet.

It was just announced that Google Fiber is coming to Raleigh and many surrounding cities including Carrboro. Could Google Fiber come to Pittsboro? There are many other players in the Gigabit game, including AT&T and RST Fiber.

We checked with Chatham Park and there are no official announcements at this time. Stay tuned though, we are on top of it.